Security Guards For Concord, CA

Choosing Unarmed Security Guards For Concord, CA Businesses

Many companies or private parties prefer to avoid the legal and personal issues that can come with firearms when hiring security guards. What are the reasons for choosing unarmed Security Guards For Concord, CA businesses? There are a variety of reasons to examine and consider.

Insurance liability is one of the biggest reasons that cause people to choose unarmed security guards. Most insurance companies offer discounts for having security, but the premiums will often go higher if those guards are armed. Therefore, it is often in their best interest to choose unarmed security guards.

Another related reason is cost. It is generally more expensive to hire armed security guards than to choose unarmed. Unarmed guards usually have training that is similar, in defense and handling situations, but without the liability, allowing for a lesser rate when hiring. This makes unarmed security much easier on the budget.

Another good reason to choose unarmed security guards is that many places do not allow firearms, but still need to be protected. Unarmed security guards are good choices for schools and churches, museums and art galleries, parks and parking lots, as well as other places where firearms are not preferred or are prohibited.

Since unarmed guards wear uniforms, but do not carry weapons, they are still a deterrent for most criminals while being perfectly safe for everyone else. Usually, unarmed guards are trained in self-defense and the defense of others in ways that do not include dangerous weapons. They do carry communications equipment that can be used to notify authorities or emergency personnel in case of a situation in which their training is not sufficient.

Unarmed security guards are just as effective as armed guards in most situations, and more effective in some. With armed security guards, there is a concern regarding being caught in crossfire if they need to use their weapons, which won’t be necessary unarmed guards. Unarmed guards can often blend in with the other participants in an event, giving them access to intelligence and proximity to the activity. Unsavory characters cannot steal weapons from the guards, since they do not carry them, and cannot provoke them to use firearms in a manner dangerous to others, since they do not carry firearms at all.

Unarmed security guards can be hired to mingle, as mentioned above, but they can also do other security jobs. They can operate surveillance cameras. They can keep in contact with each other at all times, as well as with dispatchers and emergency personnel when needed. They can control many types of scenarios that could otherwise become hazardous. These are some of the many reasons for choosing unarmed Security Guards For Concord, CA businesses.

Security Guards in Oakland

Security Guards in Oakland Businesses Help with Loss Prevention

How important is it to have Security Guards in Oakland businesses? If you own a retail store, security guards can help with loss prevention by posting plain clothes and undercover security officers in your store. Learn more about the benefits of having a security guard on site.

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention states that shoplifting costs retailers $13 billion annually. Unfortunately, law enforcement only catches about 2 percent of shoplifters. Ultimately, the effects can be serious for retailers. They also state that one in every three new retail businesses fail because the effects caused by shoplifting.

Shoplifting adversely affects a retail business but also affects the consumer. Not only is there loss of the item, which the retailer will have to replace, but the cost of everything being sold will increase because they have to pass the cost of those items to the consumer. Consumers may become upset about the higher prices and choose to shop elsewhere.

Larger retailers may be able to absorb a small amount of shop lifting, or shrinkage, because they have a larger inventory. They can sell items at a lower price because they sell higher volumes of items. Smaller retailers, however, do not have as large an inventory so when an item is shop lifted, it must pass the cost onto consumers.  Overton Security can provide the right Security Guards in Oakland to help with loss protection.

Having Security Guards in Oakland businesses could cut down on these losses. Although the cost may seem high for a smaller business, can they really afford NOT to beef up security if it reduces or eliminates the losses from shoplifting?

How would a retailer best utilize a security officer? Consider the following:

  • They could post a security guard in a back room to watch the shop floor via security cameras. If a shoplifting incident occurs, they are already on-site and can apprehend the suspect.
  • A plain clothed security guard may stay on the shop floor, walking around as if they were a customer, all the while keeping an eye on customers.
  • Uniformed security guards may also be visible in a store, standing near the cash registers or the entrance so they are ready to apprehend a would-be shoplifter as they try to leave the building.
  • Some stores have even resorted to having handbags and backpacks checked to cut down on shoplifting. A security guard may perform this task, as well.

It does not matter what method is used to catch a would-be thief, retailers have begun prosecuting shoplifters to the fullest extent allowable by law. Their hope is that prosecuting a first-time shoplifter will deter others who may be considering this act.

Loss prevention security guards will be responsible for being present during the store opening and closing. They will work closely with local law enforcement and complete daily reports. The security guard will receive training to look for suspicious looking people as well as how to detain them if needed.

If your retail business is concerned about shoplifting, security guards can help with loss prevention. Consider the overall cost of shoplifting on profits and you may decide hiring Security Guards in Oakland for your business really does make financial sense.

Security Company in Oakland

Are References Important When Choosing a Private Security Company in Oakland?

It is important to know with whom you are doing business. That is why you interview new employees. Does it not make as much sense to check out a company who will be responsible for the security of your business, executives, employees and customers?

In years past, communities were smaller and everyone knew each other. You knew the person who owned the corner store, the family who owned the bakery as well as the other business owners. These days, however, people do not stay in one place and new people move into a community.  It is hard to know whom to trust so it is important to check out a company’s references in the same way you would check a prospective employee’s references. The problem is most people do not understand how to do this.

  • Ask any private security company in Oakland or the surrounding area you are considering hiring for a list of references. If they are a reputable company, they should willingly provide the list without hesitation. If you can, get individual as well as business references for which they have provided security services.
  • Take a close look at the list they provide. If they only provide two references, which are common, ask them for a longer list. Business and personal security is nothing to trifle with so it simply makes sense that you would want to be thorough in your review prior to hiring them.
  • Be sure to call all of the references they provide. One business may give a glowing reference but the next one you call may not offer as high of a reference. The same could be true of individuals for whom the private security company provided security. Having multiple references available will help you be sure to determine which references are more accurate.
  •  Look into the private security company’s professional designations. Are there national security organizations in which they are members? Do they belong to the Better Business Bureau? It is important to verify that they remain in good standing in whichever organizations they have a membership.
  • If you contact the Better Business Bureau, ask them to provide a thorough description and documentation related to any complaints against the private security company in Oakland. Be sure you find out if the issues were resolved and how they resolved them.
  • Check the company’s website; they may provide references or testimonies there. Try to verify as much as you can that is on the website. Scammers can create a professional looking website for a small amount of money so it is important not to let the website fool you. If something seems to be off, trust your instincts and keep looking.

If your company has decided to hire a private security company, you want to be able to trust that they will do what they say they will do and that you can literally trust them with your livelihood and life. If the private security company in Oakland balks at your request for references or gives them to you hesitantly, perhaps they are not a company you would want to entrust. References important when choosing a private security company in Oakland!

Security Officers in Fremont Help Thwart Workplace Violence

Security Officers in Fremont Help!

Security Officers in Fremont Help Thwart Workplace Violence

Security Officers in Fremont Help!– Workplace violence is any type of violence or threat of violence against you or your employees. While most violent threats in the workplace are not life threatening or lead to an actual physical attack, there are many other types of threats that may be considered violent. Threats such as stalking, bullying, harassment, emotional abuse, verbal abuse and intimidation are all part of the workplace violence problem that has become a growing concern for employers and employees of small businesses and corporations alike. Having security officers in your Fremont or surrounding area business will serve as a deterrent to someone considering violence of any type.

The Fed-OSHA Act “General Duty Clause” states clearly that employers have a legal if not ethical obligation to establish a work environment free from violence, and may face serious liability if negligent in this duty. In addition to liability and lawsuit costs as a result of workplace violence, you may experience lost work time, a drop in employee morale, a loss in productivity, increased workers’ compensation costs and prolonged medical expenses.

As an employer, you will need to establish a workplace violence prevention program in writing, outlining standard policy and operating procedures addressing your lack of tolerance for violence and a course of action if abused. Although all larger corporations have definite written policies and procedures in place, many smaller companies do not. If your company does not have a written policy on workplace violence, the time to do so is now. Hiring a security company like Overton Security will enable you to learn more about the potential threat of workplace violence at your location as well as assist you in developing a comprehensive plan to combat it.

When writing your policy you must bear in mind that risk varies with the employee job description and with your type of company in general. If you exchange money, have extensive public contact, work in a high crime area or late at night, deliver goods, services or passengers you have a higher risk factor than if you work in a secure office building. These risk factors must be taken in consideration when formulating your program. The program itself may be in the form of an employee handbook as part of the hiring packet, part of your safety manual or a document with just a few pages specifically dedicated to workplace violence prevention and resolution.

Your written program should be predicated with a statement that establishes a zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence against or by your employees. Set up an atmosphere that will encourage employees to come forward with claims of experiencing or witnessing workplace violence. Establish a definitive step-by-step procedure in dealing with complaints that will guarantee that any grievance will be taken seriously, investigated and resolved. It is vital that every procedural step must be documented in writing and signed off by all parties involved. You must distribute a copy to all employees requiring each to sign a statement acknowledging that they have received and read these polices, understand them and agree to fully comply by their provisions.

Also as an employer, you need to recognize the high-risk everyday behaviors that indicate the need for preventative intervention. There are warning signs that communicate a propensity toward violence long before it occurs. Legally you may be held responsible if a violent act occurs at your place of business, whether it is against or by an employee, vendor or customer. Your best defense is to take steps now to provide your employees with a safe and secure workplace environment. On-site security presence can be a deterrent for those considering workplace violence of any kind. As an added benefit, being proactive by having security officers on your premises may reduce your liability should workplace violence become an issue.


Andrew “Andy” Overton
Article Dated: Feb 25, 2013

President/CEO Overton Security Services

Security Guarding Companies

Do security guarding companies have the Right Stuff?

If you or your business chooses to hire one of security guarding companies in your area, you may wonder if they have the ‘right stuff’ to be guarding you. Having a security presence is increasingly important and the security industry continues to grow each year. It is important, however, to know that the security officers have the proper training and experience to do their job right.

Security personnel are usually first responders when there is an emergency at a business. They are ready and able to protect the businesses’ investments and property. They enforce company rules and act as law enforcement on the property. They often deter criminal activity and dissuade problems. They can be a vital part of your company.

What or who will security guarding companies protect? Answering this question tells you what the security officer’s responsibilities will be. Will they control the entrance to the building? If they do this, they will likely sit at a stationary desk and watch people as they enter or leave the building. They may be required to check the contents of bags, briefcases or backpacks, depending upon your company’s business. They may act as crowd control when necessary or provide directions. They will be visible so those considering illegal activities will think twice. You may also want them to patrol the building by walking around the perimeter or inside the building to be sure things are secure.

If the security officer will be responsible for protecting someone, called a principle in the business, the duties will be entirely different. Will they be stationed outside the person’s office or will they only be called upon when their principle is traveling? What hours will they be in service? All of these are things to consider before hiring a security officer.

How much protection do you need? Depending upon your business, you may not want or need to have an armed security officer on the premises. Do you want the security officer to be uniformed or will a plain clothed officer server your purposes? You will also want to decide if the security officer will be on the property for others to see, or will they be sequestered in a room watching video camera feeds?

Each company will have to choose what level of security it needs. Things to consider include what is budgeted for this protection and how you can get the most security for the money you have allotted. Do some research and find out what type of security guarding companies  are available in your area. Call several of them and discuss your security needs. They should be able to provide you with an estimate either over the phone or via mail or fax.

Whom will you hire to perform these tasks? It is important that, whether you hire security guarding companies  or hire a security officer directly, you interview each candidate personally. You want to be sure they understand your needs and will be able to protect you as necessary. Obviously, using a one of the security guarding companies means they have already run a background check, they know the officer is bonded and that they have the necessary training. Another advantage of hiring Security Guarding Companies is that they can replace an officer if it becomes necessary.

Once you have decided that you want to hire one of the security guarding companies in your area to guard your business or yourself, it will be helpful if you have answered these questions. Then, do yourself a favor and take your time. The security officer with the right stuff to guard you is out there, but may take a bit to find them.

Security Guard in Sacramento

Security Guard in Sacramento

Businesses that Need a Security Guard in Sacramento

You may have seen a security guard in Sacramento business and wonder if having a security presence is right for your business.  If you want to provide increased protection from crime and peace of mind offered to your employees and customers, hiring a security guard may be the best choice. The following are some businesses that might need a security guard in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

  • Banks – Obviously one place you expect to see a security presence is in a bank. People want to know that their money is safe and having a security guard in a bank helps customers with this feeling over and above the security measures that are not visible.
  • Retail outlets – Retail stores are often the target of shoplifting. Having one or more security guards walking around the premises will help curtail this activity.
  • Shopping centers – Similar to individual retail stores, shoplifters often target larger shopping centers or malls. Security guards stationed around the mall will give thieves the impression that they do not want to ply their trade there.
  • Hospitals – A security guard in a hospital, particularly in the emergency room, can be helpful for a number of reasons. If someone dangerous enters the hospital to try to steal drugs or cause damage, a security guard is trained to diffuse the situation.
  • Construction sites – You may not think about needing security in a construction site, but they can be an integral part of making sure construction equipment and supplies remain safe during the night.
  • Office buildings – Some offices – such as governmental offices or those that work with sensitive information – will choose to have a security presence. They understand the potential risks and are proactive in keeping the risks at bay by posting security around the premises.
  • Airports or public transit stations – Placing security around these transportation points can be advantageous since criminals often use this type of transportation to elude law enforcement. Maintaining a security presence can help keep these transportation hubs safer.
  • Hotels – People traveling and staying in hotels normally have money or items that thieves may want to try to steal. Since this is the case, many hotels choose to have security guards on their premises to dissuade would-be thieves.
  • Warehouses – Wherever there is something that someone else might want, and not want to pay for, there is the potential for theft. Warehouses store items to be sold in stores or things that people cannot keep at their homes. Thieves will often take advantage of so many items being housed in one place. Security guards can help keep the premises safe and the items secure.

For shopping centers, construction sites and warehouses you may want a mobile patrol service or a security guard/guard dog team. Businesses in smaller buildings or with limited entrances may want to hire both day and night security services. If you decide that your Sacramento business needs to hire a security guard, you will want to consider what type of security you need.

A Security Guard in Sacramento is the safe choice but be sure to you have the company that can make all the difference with a Security Guard in Sacramento.

Executive Protection in Sacramento

Executive Protection in Sacramento

<h2>Choose Executive Protection in Sacramento</h2>

If safety is a concern because of your job, you will want to consider using executive protection in Sacramento for your personal protection needs. Executive security personnel, like those provided by Overton Security, are highly trained individuals that know how to keep you out of harm’s way. To help you stay away from danger, these professionals are trained to recognize, analyze and neutralize threats. When a threat is handled promptly then it will not become a problem. You want the type of security personnel that you can trust with your life and that of your family. That is why many people rely on Overton Security’s executive protection services because of their standards and their well-trained agents.

Our experts are well-trained many with a law enforcement background. They handle conflict resolution with discretion in a most professional manner. The fact that they are professionals lets you know that they are able to handle any situation using good sound judgment. There is no need to worry when you find yourself in a hostile environment; the agents know how to keep you safe and protect you from any potential attacks. The agents do have a license to carry a concealed weapon and are ready to react with force if it is necessary.

In today’s economy, many major companies have had to downsize by letting go of personnel that might get upset about the loss of employment. The remaining executives who had to let go of some of the workforce find that they are under physical threat. This is a very emotional time for those who have lost their position with the company. Executives may need executive protection to guard them from the threats that are given by disgruntled employees. There is no need to worry about those threats when you use a professional agent to help you during this time.

The agent will stick close to you and help with any physical threats so that you do not need to worry about any bodily attacks. Executive protection in Sacramento means the agents are trained to dissolve situations before they manifest into violence. It is best to avoid violence if at all possible by calming the person down. In the event the person or persons are unwilling to come to their senses and choose to pursue violence then our professionals will disarm the attacker whenever possible. The agent does not want to use violence unless it is absolutely necessary; instead they try to avoid dangerous situations while keeping the client safe.

Executive Security in San Ramon

What Training Is Important for Executive Security in San Ramon?

You may be considering hiring someone to protect executives when they travel. If you are, you may also be wondering what training is important for executive security in San Ramon. The following information will give you insight to the training requirements for any executive security officers.

Executives who have reached a certain level of success may find themselves in the limelight. Unfortunately, this may often lead to threats upon their lives because the executive becomes an easy ‘target’ because of their notoriety. It may become necessary to provide executive protection for them. The following details some of the training executive security in San Ramon would receive before they take their first executive protection job.

  • First Aid Training – Before they learn how to protect you, all executive security goes through training in basic first aid in case they have to supply medical attention to you as their principal. They also learn how to take care of their own medical needs, which will enable them to continue protecting you.
  • Surveillance Training – This training teaches executive security personnel to monitor their surroundings for suspicious activity. It teaches them to determine possible threats against their principal and enables them to tell the difference between someone with good intentions and someone who intends harm.
  • Arms Training – Even if you choose not to allow the person handling your executive protection to use firearms, executive security personnel receive training in how to use modern weapons. They can also determine the threat to innocents in the area, as well as property, in case they must use deadly force to protect you.
  • Self-Defense Training – Executive security in San Ramon is trained to protect you; however, they will also learn self-defense. If someone intends to do harm to you, the assailant will often try to maim or kill the one guarding you. This training enables the security detail to protect themselves and ensure your safety, as well.
  • Psychology of Executive Protection Training – It is vital that anyone serving as executive protection is able to maintain focus on his or her duties. They must learn to think quicker than an assailant does. They need to remain calm during a threatening situation and able to come up with strategies that will keep their principal safe.

There are a number of places to receive training to become executive security personnel. When you begin your search for executive protection, be sure to discuss what training each of the personnel receives. Learn what you can about why each type of training is important and how it is vital for your protection. Then, and only then, will you understand what training is important for executive security in San Ramon.

Security Guard in San Jose

Security Guard in San Jose

Increase Your Building Security with a Security Guard in San Jose

As a business owner, you may wonder how you can increase your building security with a security guard in San Jose and whether or not it would be cost effective to do so. With businesses facing theft and other crimes on their property, having a security guard in San Jose business simply makes business sense. Discover how an on-site security presence can increase your building’s security.

Obviously, some San Jose businesses will be more of a target for crime than others will. Banks, retail stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and convenience stores may have more crime than an office building that does not handle money. However, any business can be a target if the perpetrator feels he or she has something to gain.

Hiring a security guard in San Jose business may prevent crime, assist employees and customers and maintain security. A business owner will want to review the benefits of having on-site security prior to deciding if they need a security guard.

  • Prevention – Having an on-site security guard can be a deterrent to crime in your business. A thief will think twice before deciding to ‘hit’ a business with a uniformed security guard in plain view. Since the security guards offered by Overton Security are highly trained to look for suspicious activity, they will be able to recognize potential problems and react appropriately if there is a security breach. Potential criminals will understand that you are serious about the security of your business.
  • Customer Service – For office buildings, a security guard may act as a customer service ambassador as well as screening people who enter the premises. You may also request that a security guard escort customers or employees to their vehicles after dark as an added measure of security. Having security on-site communicates that your business is customer-oriented and secure.
  • Maintains Security – Customers, clients and employees appreciate the peace of mind they get working with businesses who take their security seriously. In fact, reports state employees are more productive when there is a security presence. Customers know you are concerned with their safety and will be more willing to frequent your business because they feel safe. Having on-site security guards may be particularly useful in high-crime areas or if your business deals with high-end merchandise.

When choosing to hire a security guard in San Jose, you will want to decide what services they will perform if there is a crime. They could take down details of the crime and then defer to the local police or they may detain the suspected person until the police arrive. You would also need to decide if you prefer the security guard to be armed or not.

You may also want the security guard to monitor surveillance video, restrict access to specific areas, check credentials or perform a vehicle security round from time to time. You will want to know the specific security tasks the guard will perform on a daily basis. Consider how much time and effort having a security guard in San Jose business will reduce the security responsibility from your shoulders and allow you to concentrate on your job.

The time to decide if hiring security makes sense for your business is before there is a need. You can see there are specific benefits associated with increasing your building security with a security guard in San Jose. Overton Security is available to discuss your security needs with you.

Security Company in Sacramento

Who Needs to Hire a Security Company in Sacramento?

Who needs to hire a security company in Sacramento? After your company has had a break-in or someone is injured during an altercation at your business it is too late to consider security needs. Rather than waiting for an incident, it makes much more sense to be proactive in choosing to work with a security company.

Unfortunately, a bad economy often brings out the worse in people. Car break-ins skyrocket. Car thefts also increase. People try to find ways to get what they need often without concern for those from which they steal. You can help your employees feel safer while working by hiring security for your company.

Consider these two questions: How important is your own safety and that of your employees? How much are you willing to pay to maintain the right level of safety? Once you have answers to these questions, you will know hiring a security company in Sacramento is the best thing to do.

Hiring a security company can help thwart crime. Security guards who are visible in an office setting can deter crime, but there is no guarantee they will stop it. Statistics have shown, however, that if a criminal sees that a company has a security detail they will most likely pass that company up and look for one without a security presence.

If you think there is insufficient crime to warrant hiring a security detail, you may be surprised to find out how much crime goes on in your community. As stated above, it is better to be proactive rather than waiting for the unthinkable to happen in your office or on company property. You may not hear about crimes in your area, but that does not mean they do not occur.

Budgetary concerns may have kept you from hiring a security company in Sacramento. You could consider security as an additional employee benefit. If your employee’s safety is important, can you really afford not to have security available to protect them?

If you decide hiring a security company is the right choice, be sure to hire one that is licensed, bonded and insured. Check your state’s laws about which licenses are required and choose one that meets those requirements. Reputable security companies will carry their own insurance and this will reduce your liability should there be an incident.

Finally, realize that even though there is a wonderful police force in Sacramento, they cannot be everywhere. A trained security force will never be able to replace local law enforcement, and it should not try to do so, but if there is a problem at your place of business, they will be on the scene much sooner than the police could arrive. This one reason could be enough of a reason why any company would want to hire a security company in Sacramento.